Welcome to OLD-LADY
.....ride an old lady, she'll thank you!
In honor of all the old ladies, you gals know who you are and why we love you! 

I crashed my old Lady last night!

My old Lady has a cracked jug...

My girlfriend made me sell my old Lady...

Anybody know where I can get a good, used old Lady?

Man, I'm sore all over... I rode my old Lady for 18 hours straight!

My old Lady just has too many miles on her...

Your old Lady is leaking on my new driveway!

Mother rode the old Lady with me, when she was younger.

All my Bros love riding my old Lady!

I was workin' on the intake, but now my wrench is stuck in my old Lady's throat !!

Sorry I missed you, I was washing my old Lady when you called.

I was riding my old Lady in morning traffic and we hit a car.

I went to jail, and my old Lady was towed to the impound yard.

Anybody got a chain? My old Lady is stuck in the mud!

Hey! Get off my old Lady !!!

My mechanic is checking my old Lady's oil for me.

Let's go ride my old Lady! You get on back.

No Offense Lady Riders!!
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